Most people harbour a particular image of Australia, such as the Opera House or blood-red Uluru (Ayers Rock). Yet these famous icons do scant justice to the richness of Australia's natural treasures and its cultural diversity. Australia offers a wealth of travel experiences, from the vastness and drama of the outback, to the spectacle of the Great Barrier Reef and its islands, the cosmopolitanism of Sydney and arguably some of the best beaches in the world. Visitors expecting to see an opera in Sydney one night and meet Crocodile Dundee the next will have to re-think their grasp of geography in this huge country. It is this sheer vastness, and the friction between the ancient land steeped in Aboriginal lore and the New World cultures being heaped upon it, which gives Australia much of its character.

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It's the spectacular, snowcapped mountains of regions like the Tyrol that provide the most familiar images of Austria – a landscape of jagged peaks and rampaging rivers, giving way to green pastures studded with onion-domed churches. Yet Austria is by no means all alpine vistas: the country stretches across central Europe for some 700km, from the shores of the Bodensee in the west to the edge of the flat Hungarian plain in the east. Far removed from the archetype are the wetlands and reed beds of Burgenland, and the dramatic sequence of stopes that carve their way up the Erzberg in Styria. In Upper and Lower Austria in particular, a predominantly low-key landscape of gentle rolling hills and vineyards can come as something of a surprise to first-time visitors. Yet this fertile, low-lying northern half of the country is, in fact, where the majority of Austrians live and work, many of them within commuting distance of the capital, Vienna – the country's chief tourist destination after the alpine regions.

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Beaches, boats, banks and bikinis are Caribbean menu essentials. But the No 1 playground for the Americas also comprises movie-set beauty, coconut-tree-clad mountains, verdant valleys of sugar cane and bananas, and seashore galore. Long desired by foreign powers, Caribbean islands come in basic British, Dutch, Spanish, American, French, Danish and there is even a Swedish town named Gustavia after His Swedish Majesty at the time.

Among celebrities who came to stay, at least partime are: Sean Connery, Princess Margaret, Errol Flynn, Sir John Templeton, Arthur Hailey, Claudette Colbert, Ernest Hemingway and Sir Noel Coward. The latter described his beloved Jamaica as "no place like home."

Caribbean cities glow with glorious architecture in communities established long before the automobile. Capitals such as Havana and Santo Domingo are built to human scale, just right for walking and talking tours.

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The people of Cyprus owe their individuality and warmth to the fact that they are the product of an amazingly colorful history. This sun drenched island has been at the crossroads of world events for centuries. Roman, Byzantine, Greek and British influences (to name just a few) have all had a bearing on life in Cyprus. Perhaps that’s why Cypriots have a special knack of making visitors feel at home as soon as they step off the plane or ship. That warm welcome, plus the unhurried pace of daily life, makes Cyprus an instant favorite of anyone who goes there.

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England's ancient cathedral cities, such as Lincoln, York, Salisbury, Durham and Winchester, cannot be equalled for sheer physical beauty. Wherever you're based, you're never more than a few miles from a ruined castle, a majestic country house, a secluded chapel or a monastery. In the southwest there are remnants of a Celtic culture that was all but eradicated elsewhere by the Romans, and everywhere you can find traces of prehistoric settlers – most famously the megalithic circles of Stonehenge and Avebury.
Most beguiling of all are the long-established villages of England, hundreds of which amount to nothing more than a pub, a shop, a gaggle of cottages and a farmhouse offering bed and breakfast. Devon, Cornwall, the Cotswolds and the Yorkshire Dales harbour some especially picturesque specimens, but every county can boast a decent showing. Then, of course, there's the English countryside, an extraordinarily diverse terrain from which Constable, Turner, Wordsworth, Emily Brontë and a host of other writers and artists took inspiration. Exmoor, Dartmoor, Bodmin Moor, the North York Moors and the Lake District are the most dramatic and best known of the national parks, each offering an array of landscapes crisscrossed with walking routes.

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The sheer physical diversity of France would be hard to exhaust in a lifetime of visits. The landscapes range from the fretted coasts of Brittany and the limestone hills of Provence to the canyons of the Pyrenees and the half-moon bays of Corsica, and from the lushly wooded valleys of the Dordogne and the gentle fields of the Loire Valley to the glaciated peaks of the Alps. Each region looks and feels different, has its own style of architecture, its own characteristic food and often its own dialect. Though the French word pays is the term for a whole country, many people frequently refer to their own region as mon pays – my country – and this strong sense of regional identity has persisted despite centuries of centralizing governments, from Louis XIV to de Gaulle.

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With three thousand hours of sunshine a year, Fuerteventura is the closest Canary Island to the African coast with only 100km separating the 'Punta de la Entallada' from Cape Juby in Morroco and is the second largest (after Tenerife) of all the islands. The weather conditions here are very similar to Florida and Mexico which are on the same latitude, which make this the ideal holiday location!

There is nowhere else in the Canaries with so many enormous sand dunes and long sandy beaches, more than one hundred and fifty. Even though most of the land consists of stone and rock, these are some of the most impressive beaches in the whole of Europe.

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Gran Canaria is the third largest island in the Canaries' archipelago but accouts for almost half the population. It lives up to its cliche as a continent in miniature, with a dramatic variation of terrain, ranging from the green and leaft north to the mountainous interior and desert south. To glean a sense of this impenetrable quality, head to the centre, where the sheer drama of the mountains more resembles the Tibetan highlands than a erlitively small island.

The flip side to these unspoiled peaks and valleys is a rugged coastline interspersed with white sandy beaches and, more famously, a tiara of purpose build holiday resorts.

Beyond the sands, though, Gran Canaria can keep the adrenalin pumping, with scope for hiking, horse trekking and watersports, while culture-vultures can be similarly satiated, particulary in the historic cosmopolitan of Las Palmas.

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With well over a hundred inhabited islands and a territory that stretches from the south Aegean to the Balkan countries, Greece offers enough to fill months of travel. The historic sites span four millennia, encompassing both the legendary and the obscure, where a visit can still seem like a personal discovery. Beaches are parcelled out along a convoluted coastline equal to France's in length, and islands range from backwaters where the boat calls twice a week to resorts as cosmopolitan as any in the Mediterranean.
Modern Greece is the result of extraordinarily diverse influences. Romans, Arabs, Latin Crusaders, Venetians, Slavs, Albanians, Turks, Italians, not to mention the Byzantine Empire, have been and gone since the time of Alexander the Great. All have left their mark: the Byzantines in countless churches and monasteries; the Venetians in impregnable fortifications in the Peloponnese; and other Latin powers, such as the Knights of Saint John and the Genoese, in imposing castles across the northeastern Aegean.

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Some places on earth can be compared to paradise and, without any doubts, Ibiza is one of them.
Famous over the world for its unique charm and beautiful climate, this Balearic island combines entertainment with a respect for tradition.
The blue sky and sea, white sandy beaches, green gardens and the surrounding countryside are in harmony with the warm golden sun.
Surrounded by such beauty, your stay will be truly pleasurable.
Quality hotels, restaurants... enough to satisfy even the most demanding visitor.

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It's the undoubted lure of the landscape, along with the easy pace and rhythms of life, which draw the majority of visitors to Ireland. Once there, few are disappointed: the green, rain-hazed loughs and wild, bluff coastlines, the inspired talent for conversation and the place of music and language at the heart of Irish culture all conspire to ensure that the reality lives up to expectations. More surprising perhaps is just how much variety this very small land packs into its countryside. The limestone terraces of the stark, eerie Burren seem separated from the fertile farmlands of Tipperary by hundreds rather than tens of miles, and the harshly beautiful west coast, with its cliffs, coves and strands, looks as if it belongs in another country altogether from the rolling plains of the central cattle-rearing counties.

It's a place to explore slowly, roaming through agricultural landscapes scattered with farmhouses, or along the endlessly indented coastline. Spectacular seascapes unfold from rocky headlands where the crash of the sea against the cliffs and myriad islands is often the only sound. It is perfect if you want space to walk, bike or (with a bit of bravado) swim, or if you want to fish, sail or spend a week on inland waterways. In the smaller towns, too, the pleasures are unhurried: evenings over a Guinness or two in the snug of a pub, listening to the chat around a blood-orange turf fire.

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"Unity in Diversity" was the slogan chosen when India celebrated fifty years of Independence in 1997, a declaration replete with as much optimism as pride. Stretching from the frozen barrier of the Himalayas to the tropical greenery of Kerala, and from the sacred Ganges to the sands of the Thar desert, the country's boundaries encompass incomparable variety. Walk the streets of any Indian city and you'll rub shoulders with representatives of several of the world's great faiths, a multitude of castes and outcastes, fair-skinned, turbaned Punjabis and dark-skinned Tamils. You'll also encounter temple rituals that have been performed since the time of the Egyptian Pharaohs, onion-domed mosques erected centuries before the Taj Mahal was ever dreamt of, and quirky echoes of the British Raj on virtually every corner.

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The floating emerald islands of the Indonesian archipelago have, for centuries, been a magnet to a diverse range of people. Chinese and Indian traders, European colonisers, proselytizing missionaries, wayward adventurers, mining companies, intrepid travellers and package tourists have all, at one time or another, been attracted by its sandalwood and spices breezes, its Bali Hai lifestyle and its magnificent beaches, mountains and volcanoes.

Just across the water from East Java sits Bali, the longtime jewel in the crown of Indonesian tourism, a tiny island of elegant temples, verdant landscape and fine surf. The biggest resorts are the party towns of Kuta and adjacent Legian, with the more subdued beaches at Lovina and Candi Dasa appealing to travellers not hell-bent on raging nightlife. Most visitors also spend time in Bali's cultural centre of Ubud, whose lifeblood continues to be painting, carving, dancing and music-making. The islands east of Bali – collectively known as Nusa Tenggara – are now attracting bigger crowds, particularly neighbouring Lombok, with its beautiful beaches and temples. East again, the chance of seeing the world's largest lizards, the Komodo dragons, draws travellers to Komodo and then it's an easy hop across to Flores which has great surfing, and the unforgettable coloured crater lakes of Keli Mutu. South of Flores, Sumba is famous for its intricate fabrics, grand funeral ceremonies and extraordinary annual ritual war, the pasola.

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Italy Small


Italy is perhaps Europe's most complex and alluring destination. It is a modern, industrialized nation, but it is also, to an equal degree, a Mediterranean country, with a southern European sensibility. Agricultural land covers much of the country, a lot of which, especially in the south, is still owned under almost feudal conditions. In towns and villages all over the country, life grinds to a halt in the middle of the day for a siesta, and is strongly family-oriented, with an emphasis on the traditions and rituals of the Catholic Church, which, notwithstanding a growing scepticism among the country's youth, still dominates people's lives.

Above all, Italy provokes reaction. Its people are volatile, rarely indifferent, and on one and the same day you might encounter the kind of disdain dished out to tourist masses everywhere and an hour later be treated to embarrassingly generous hospitality. If there is a single national characteristic, it's to embrace life to the full: in the hundreds of local festivals taking place across the country on any given day, to celebrate a saint or the local harvest; in the importance placed on good food; in the obsession with clothes and image; and above all in the daily domestic ritual of the collective evening stroll or passeggiata – a sociable affair celebrated by young and old alike in every town and village across the country.

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Lanzarote is the most easterly of the seven major Canary Islands and lies in the Atlantic Ocean only some 100 km (60 miles) from the coast of Africa and 1,000 km from the Iberian Peninsula. The island enjoys an average temperature of 22ºC all year-round due to its advantageous location in the Tropic of Cancer. Lanzarote, including the small islands of La Graciosa, Alegranza, Montaña Clara, Roque del Este y del Oeste, covers 900 km² running 60 km north to south and only 20 km at its widest point. Lanzarote is made up of seven municipalities: Arrecife (the capital), Teguise, Haría, San Bartolomé, Tías, Tinajo and Yaiza, with an official population of nearly 100,000 inhabitants, mostly residing in the south-central part of the island.

The island was named after a Genoese navigator called Lancelotto Malocello who arrived on the island during the second half of the XIV century opening the way to successive expeditions of French, British and Spanish sailors and merchants. Previously the isles were known as the Fortunate Islands.

Fishing and agriculture once formed the basis of the island’s economy but have since been overtaken by the excellent quality of its tourism industry.

Amongst the most outstanding attractions are the Art, Culture and Tourist Centres run under the auspices of the Insular Council. The world famous artist César Manrique's sensitive response to Lanzarote´s unique geography and people was instrumental in creating a pervasive artistic identity throughout the island. Great care has been taken in preserving its historical and artistic heritage, its monuments and characteristic houses, local festivals and customs... in short, the full expression of its culture and folklore.

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Nicknamed the Floating Garden, Madeira is Portugal’s answer to the Garden of Eden. Fuchsia bougainvillea, scarlet poinsettias and lilac jacaranda trees blanket the landscape, turning entire villages Technicolor. The good looks aren’t limited to the island’s interior. Make your way down to Madeira’s coast and you’ll come across small rocky coves and pebbly bays. Sand is in limited supply here, but there are a couple of exceptions to the rule. You’ll find a volcanic sweep of sand in Ribeira Brava, and a man-made stretch of beach in Calheta, where the sands have been especially shipped over from Morocco.

Madeira’s capital, Funchal, is made up of colonial buildings, basalt churches and slumbering squares. The narrow backstreets of the old town are packed with wine bars and family-run tavernas, while the marina is lined with cafés and seafood restaurants. Just east of Funchal is the area of Canico De Baixo, which has made a name for itself as a luxury holiday spot. The parish’s old quarter is built around an 18th-century church and a sleepy square, while the new quarter is filled with boutique hotels and cliff top villas.

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Megaliths, medieval dungeons and Calypso's cave - Malta is positively mythic. The narrow cobblestone streets of its towns are crowded with Norman cathedrals and baroque palaces. The countryside is littered with the oldest known human structures in the world. Malta is very good at selling its romantic past of Copper Age temple builders and crusading celibate knights, and it has used this image to crank up a formidable tourism industry. Not that the islands are overrun with highrise resorts - yet.

In the face of modernisation, the archipelago's staunchly Roman Catholic culture has helped the Maltese maintain a tight-knit community and keep a lid on runaway development.The upshot of this is that travellers can enjoy a refreshing balance of convenience and unvarnished local charm, and can get comfort for considerably less than at many comparable Mediterranean destinations.

The religious festival season is six months long - ending just in time for the holidays. If you overdose on nougat and wine, you can slip off to the tiny neighbouring islands of Gozo or Comino for some serious peace and quiet.

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The Balearic Islands sit in the Mediterranean sea just off the northeast coast of mainland Spain; floating in between Menorca and Ibiza, Mallorca is the largest. The capital, Palma de Mallorca, is surrounded by rocky inlets and harbours on the southern side, while most of the high-rise tourist resorts line the east coast. Sa Dragonera is the large, uninhabited island off the island's westernmost point. The northwest is defined by the dramatic Serra de Tramuntana mountain range and Mallorca's highest peak, Puig Major (1445m/4740ft). The northeast coast is made up of two sweeping bays: the Badia de Pollen ça and the larger Badia d'Alcúdia. The fertile plain known as Es Pla makes up a large part of inland Mallorca.

Mallorca's flora and fauna is rich. Trees such as the Aleppo pine, the evergreen holm oak and the carob tree are common, while the dwarf palm mainly grows around Pollença, Alcúdia and Andratx. Attractive orange and lemon orchards grow around Sóller. The tree heather and wild flowers (hyacinths, violets, gladioli, etc) are also stunning. Reptiles (snake and gecko), mountain goats, wild sheep, rabbits and toads are all residents on the island. Birds of prey, including ospreys, kestrels and the rare black vulture, inhabit the mountainous northwest, and migratory birds flock to the marshes in summer. The Parc Natural de l'Albufera and Cabrera Island are both protected areas. The Mediterranean climate of the Balearics keeps Mallorca's winter comfortably mild (around 15°C/59°F). Summer temperatures of around 27°C (85°F) are perfect for swimming (the water is also warm) and other outdoor activities.

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Mexico enjoys a cultural blend that is wholly unique: among the fastest growing industrial powers in the world, its vast cities boast modern architecture to rival any in the world, yet it can still feel, in places, like a half-forgotten Spanish colony, while the all-pervading influence of native American culture, five hundred years on from the Conquest, is extraordinary.

Each aspect can be found in isolation, but far more often, throughout the Republic, the three co-exist – indigenous markets, little changed in form since the arrival of the Spanish, thrive alongside elaborate colonial churches in the shadow of the skyscrapers of the Mexican miracle. Occasionally, the marriage is an uneasy one, but for the most part it works unbelievably well. The people of Mexico reflect it, too; there are communities of full-blooded indígenas, and there are a few – a very few – Mexicans of pure Spanish descent. The great majority of the population, though, is mestizo, combining both traditions and, to a greater or lesser extent, a veneer of urban sophistication.

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Portugal has always been influenced by the sea. The Portuguese are very conscious of themselves as a seafaring race; mariners like Vasco da Gama led the way in the exploration of Africa and the Americas, and until thirty years ago Portugal remained a colonial power. The vibrant capital, Lisbon, has enough going on to please most city devotees, while along the coast nearby, and further south on the well-developed Algarve, there are sophisticated beach resorts. But in its rural areas this is still a conspicuously underdeveloped country, and there are plenty of opportunities to experience a lifestyle that has changed little over the last century.

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Scotland is blessed with some of the finest Timeshare resorts in some of the most beautiful locations in the world. Many people buy Timeshares in Scotland because they want to own their own piece of this beautiful country and may never even consider exchanging their Timeshare for another one.

When the owner of a Scottish Timeshare does decide to swap it in any given year, all exchange companies are very keen indeed to make sure that that owner gets the exchange of their choice. With so many more people looking to exchange their Timeshare weeks into Scottish Timeshare resorts rather than out of them, Scottish Timeshare owners are in a very strong position.

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south africa


South Africa is a large, diverse and incredibly beautiful country. The Size of France and Spain combined, it varies from the picturesque Garden Route towns of the Western Cape to the raw stretch of subtropical coast in northern KwaZulu-Natal. It's also one of the great cultural meeting points of the African continent, a fact obscured by years of enforced racial segregation, but now manifest in the big cities. Yet South Africa is also something of an enigma; it has the best travel facilities on the African continent, but also the most difficult surface to scratch. After so long as an international pariah, the "rainbow nation" is still struggling to find its identity.

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If you are coming to Spain for the first time, be warned: this is a country that fast becomes an addiction. You might intend to come just for a beach holiday, or a tour of the major cities, but before you know it you'll find yourself hooked by something quite different – by the celebration of some local fiesta, perhaps, or the amazing nightlife in Madrid, by the Moorish monuments of Andalucia, by Basque cooking, or the wild landscapes and birds of prey of Estremadura. And by then, of course, you will have noticed that there is not just one Spain but many. Indeed, Spaniards often speak of Las Españas (the Spains) and they even talk of the capital in the plural – Los Madriles, the Madrids.

Wherever you are in Spain, you can't help but notice the Spaniards' infectious enthusiasm for life. In the cities there is always something happening – in bars and clubs, on the streets, and especially at fiesta times. Even in out of the way places there's a surprising range of nightlife and entertainment, not to mention the daily pleasures of a round of tapas, moving from bar to bar, having a beer, a glass of wine or a fino (dry sherry) and a bite of the house speciality.

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Switzerland is one of Europe's most visited countries, but one of its least understood. Pass through for a day or two and you'll get all the quaint stereotypes – cheese, chocolate and clocks – but not much else. Stay a bit longer and another Switzerland will emerge, which can be an infinitely more rewarding place to explore. Sights are breathtaking, transport links are excellent and costs are no higher than in Britain or Germany. Almost everyone speaks some English along with at least one of the official languages (German, French, Italian, and, in the southeast, Romansh).

Notoriously placid these days, Switzerland spent the first 500 years of its existence rent by conflict. The Swiss Confederation (abbreviated to "CH") dates back to 1291, when Alpine peasants formed an alliance to defend themselves against the Habsburgs. By the early 1500s, it had grown into a military superpower. The Swiss reputation for neutrality emerged with the Reformation and persisted right through to the boom years after World War II. In the 1990s, exposés uncovered Swiss banks' wartime collusion with the Nazis. Public soul-searching in the aftermath of the scandal heralded Switzerland's entry into the UN, and its first steps towards joining the EU.

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As the rest of the Canary Islands, Tenerife is also a son of Pluton. While the volcanic development of the eastern islands started more than 20 Million years ago, the oldest mountain ranges of Tenerife arised from the Atlantic much later (about 8 to 12 Million years ago).

At least 3 Million years ago it was believed that there were 3 islands with the Anaga, Teno and Valle San Lorenzo mountain ranges. In a tremendous volcanic process the old central volcano and the great mountain range (Cumbre Dorsal) melted together into what we know today as Tenerife.
Presumably the top of the volcano did not explode but collapsed in it's own crater and is now one of the greatest collapsed craters of the world (Las Cañadas). This oval crater is at it's longest distance about 17Km long.

500.000 years ago the last stage of volcanic activity in Tenerife took place. The 'Pico Viejo' (old peak) erupted first and some time later the higher 'Pico del Teide'. This last one has on it's top a sulphur coat surrounding it. The last volcano eruption in Tenerife happened near the village of Santiago del Teide in 1909.

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For five centuries, travelers have brought their hopes and dreams to America. For the earliest pioneers, it was a virgin wilderness ready to be shaped into a "New World," a potential paradise wasted on its native peoples. Millions of immigrants followed, to share in the building of the new nation and to better their lives, far from the hidebound societies of Europe and Asia. Eventually, slaves, who had been shipped over from Africa and the Caribbean, joined them as free citizens. As the United States expanded to fill the continent, something genuinely new was created: a vast country that took pride in defining itself in the eyes of the world.

Every traveler in the United States – be they foreigners on a coast-to-coast road trip or locals exploring their extraordinarily diverse land – has some idea of what to expect. American culture has become so thoroughly shared throughout the globe that one of the principal joys of getting to know the country is the repeated, delicious shock of the familiar. Yellow taxis on busy city streets; roadside mailboxes straight out of Peanuts cartoons; wooden porches overlooking the cotton fields; tumbleweed skittering across the desert; endless highways dotted with pick-up trucks and chrome-plated diners; the first sight of the Grand Canyon, or the Manhattan skyline – now more than ever an indelibly iconic image.

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Although Cardiff boasts most of Wales' national institutions, including the National Museum, the appeal of a visit lies outside the towns, where there is ample evidence of the war-mongering which shaped the country's development. Castles are everywhere, from hard little stone keeps of the early Welsh princes and the mighty Carreg Cennen to Edward I's doughty fortresses such as Beaumaris, Caernarfon and Harlech. Passage graves and stone circles (such as on Holy Island) offer a link to the pre-Roman era when the priestly order of Druids ruled over early Celtic peoples, and great medieval monastic houses, like ruined Tintern Abbey, are easily accessible.

All these attractions are enhanced by the beauty of the wild Welsh countryside. The backbone of the Cambrian Mountains terminates in the soaring peaks of Snowdonia National Park and the angular ridges of the Brecon Beacons; both are superb walking country, as is the Pembrokeshire Coast in the southwest. Much of the rest of the coast remains unspoilt, though long sweeps of sand are often backed by traditional British seaside resorts, such as Llandudno in the north or Tenby in the south.

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