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Established in 2003 we are one of the leading timeshare resale companies in Europe. If you are looking to buy timeshare, sell timeshare or rent timeshare, Aberfoyle Holidays is the right place to come to.


Long standing members of TATOC, (The Association For Timeshare Owners & Committees) we adhere to the TATOC Timeshare Code of Conduct.


A commitment we take seriously - to deliver the highest standards of business ethics, principles and practices. 


Unlike most timeshare resale companies we do not charge excessive fees to the seller or the buyer of the timeshare and offer a safe escrow service which protects both the timeshare seller and the timeshare buyer. With over 30 years of experience in the timeshare resale business you can be assured that our friendly staff will always give you a straightforward realistic net price for your timeshare based on current resale market values.


Overpricing your timeshare week is NOT our policy; other timeshare companies may overvalue your timeshare to entice you to pay their excessively high advertising or registration fees but we just believe in giving you an honest valuation for your timeshare. It's entirely up to you if you decide to register with us - no pressure!


Aberfoyle Holidays guarantees FREE verbal Timeshare Resale Valuations and FREE Resale Registration. Advertising your week on our website is a one off fee of ONLY £49.99. This means for £49.99 your week will stay on our website untli it is sold. If you have consecutive weeks its still only one payment of £49.99. 


Our FREE resale registration service means we have to sell your timeshare in order to make any money! Whilst we can't promise to sell your timeshare within a specific timescale you can be assured that we will do our very best. Furthermore, all of our timeshare resales are to genuine timeshare resale customers and NOT to timeshare dealers. Our charges are uncomplicated, easy to understand and totally transparent.


Aberfoyle Holidays operates from high street premises and we welcome customers to DROP IN and see us. No appointment necessary. 


We offer professional advice to the buyer and the seller of the timeshare and most importantly we do not hassle or pressurise customers who enquire about timeshare.


Let’s face it, nobody likes it when a general tentative enquiry is made and then your home and mobile phone ring every 5 minutes with a hungry commission only telesales person on the other end of the phone who has turned your enquiry into some sort of "Spanish Inquisition".


All enquiries are followed up professionally by our team who have more than 30 year’s experience in the business and we have a fantastic relationship with both our timeshare buyers and timeshare sellers as can be seen from our testimonials. 


Simply register your timeshare resale with us online or contact our office on 01877 382390 for a resale registration form and we'll do the rest.



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